Financial Advisor Client Tracking System


The system was designed by financial advisors with several factors in mind:

  • being compliant with regulator
  • maintaining client information
  • ease of use so advisors will actually use it

The system features include:

  • Back office support for the MGA/AGA
    1. Create and update Advisor information
    2. Production reports by Advisors
    3. Track and create commission reports for Advisors
    4. Create commission levels
    5. Upload training information
    6. Upload resources for Advisors
    7. Review & approve business submitted by Advisors
    8. and much more
  • Support for the Advisor
      1. Create / maintain client information
      2. Capture data for client FGA
      3. Print FGA for client presentation
      4. Ability to do business remotely with approval from client
      5. Maintain client notes
      6. Update Advisor licensing / E&O records
      7. Display Advisor contracts with carriers
      8. Submit business for commission
      9. Review previously submitted business
      10. Review commission payments
      11. Update and track Group Benefit contracts